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How to Play Drawing Hands


It usually happens in poker Texas hold’em that you get a hand with the potential to become a monster hand but you are one card short to complete it. This is what we call a ‘drawing hand’ since you engage in a draw in order to get a particular card or kind of card.

This is a difficult hand to play particularly when you have to face bets and raises and you need to decide if you want to call or not. This article will help you learn how to play drawing hands and will give you tips to decide if you should fold or call when you face a bet.

Pocket Queens Strategy


When you play No-Limit poker Texas Hod'em, a pair of queens is one of the best hands you can get before the flop. However, you should know that there are two problems you'll encounter playing this hand in the pre-flop. In case you get in the middle of a 'raising war' you'll probably face the only hands you are really scared of: aces or kings. After the flop, you should be really careful because an over-card to your pair could be dangerous and you should be aware not become 'married' to the hand and fold if you think you could be beat.

Pocket Kings Strategy

Jugar KK

Pocket aces are the stronger starting hand in poker Texas Hold'em and pocket kings are the second best hand before the flop. However, if you are not careful the "cowboys" can be a problem at the poker table.

The main problem with Pocket Kings is that, as opposed to pocket aces, there is always the chance that another opponent holds a higher pair. In this article you'll find strategies that will help you get as much profit as possible from pocket kings in each hand.

Pocket Aces Strategy

Jugar con AA

One of the best parts of poker Texas Hold'em is getting pocket aces, which are also known as 'the bullets'. This is the best starting hand in the Hold'em variant and sometimes this leads people to making mistakes.

Although they are great, pocket aces are not invincible and if you are not careful you can lose a big pot. The following is a guide that will teach you how to play pocket aces in a profitable way.

How to Play Small Pocket Pairs

Pareja de mano pequeña

Small pocket pairs are around 22 and 66 and although they may seem strong they are not and they are usually the reason why many inexperienced poker hold'em players have trouble because they tend to overestimate them.

Before the flop, small pocket pairs are better than most other hands, provided your opponent does not have a higher pair, but the hand can get quite complicated if it does not improve after the flop.

This article will tell you how to play small pocket pairs.

What is the biggest problem with small pocket pairs?


How to Play Ace King


The ace-king hand, especially when the cards suit, is a very strong starting hand in No-Limit Poker Hold’em. Nonetheless, unless you connect with the board, you will have only a hand whose higher card is an ace to show at the end. It makes playing ace-king problematic in some circumstances.