Pokerholdem.com: Texas Holdem Poker Strategies

Initial tips

Different Poker playing styles

Estilo en el poker

You may already know that there are certain combinations of words that are used to describe the way in which a player plays at a poker table.

These are the characteristic playing styles used with poker players:

  • Tight- aggressive (TAG)
  • Loose-aggressive (LAG)
  • Tight-passive
  • Loose tight-passive

But what exactly is to be selective, very selective, aggressive or passive in poker Texas Hold'em? And which style is the best?

Taking Player Notes Tips

Consejos para tomar notas de los jugadores.jpg

Every time you play poker you should be aware f the actions performed by your opponents and also what their style of play is. Particularly in poker Texas Hold'em it is important that you learn how to play not just your cards but also your opponent.

As a consequence, you should choose your actions and make them profitable by taking into account the way your opponent plays. Taking notes is an easy but effective way of remembering the style of play your opponent has in key moments.

5 Tips for Freeroll Tournaments

5 Tips For Freeroll Tournaments

Many online poker players prefer Freeroll Tournaments because it is a good opportunity of playing with no need of risking their money. Players do not have to make a deposit and if they are good they can start a successful bankroll.

Just by taking part in some of this Freeroll poker tournament, poker players can build up a sum of money and then star playing in cash poker tables, a very popular poker variant is Poker Texas Hold’em.

Basic Sit and Go Tournament Strategy

Basic Sit and Go Tournament Strategy

Sit and Go (SNG) tournaments are small poker tournaments that start when enough players join them. Currently they are really popular in the online poker world and are available with different buy-in levels, from a few dollars to thousands.

This article is about the basic strategy a player should follow in SNGs and it shows how strategy changes depending on the stage of the one-table tournament.

Micro Limit Poker Strategy

Poker micro limit

Micro limits, also known as micro stakes, usually go from 1c/2c ($2NL) to /25c $25NL) cash games in the online world. The action in these games is much looser because of the small amount of money up for grabs.

Many people say micro limits are unbeatable because all the players base their decisions on luck and since so many players enter the pots in order to try to make their draws, the 'luck' they get is too overwhelming and as a result decent poker players are not able to beat such limits.

Short Stack Poker Strategy


Sometimes in your poker career you'll find yourself with a short stack at the poker table and you'll have less chips than your opponents.

The reason for this may be the fact that you are in a poker tournament and you just keep getting bad cards, or because you just like to get into cash games with short stacks.

No matter why you have a small stack, you should know how to use it and you should find a good shrot stack strategy.

Starting Hand Selection

Escogiendo la mano de incio

When you play poker Texas Hold'em, you need a good starting hand selection. This will help you avoid entering pots when you don't have a decent hand, which could make you lose a lot of money.

When we say "starting hand selection" we simply mean choosing the good poker hands over the bad, and fold bad hands.

Although it's true that in Texas Hold'em (also in poker in general) any hand can win, in reality some hands will win more than other hands. In the long run, you'll see better results if you stick to good hands.

Poker Table Position

En la mesa de poker

Amateur poker players tend to greatly underestimate table position. However, your poker table position can allow you to win or cause you to lose your hand and it also can influence the amount of money you win during your poker sessions.

Before you decide to play a poker Texas Hold’em hand you should be familiar with your position in the table in relation to the button.

Early positions or EP are the seats nearest to the left of the button.

Bankroll Management


The following principle is key to becoming a successful poker player. Without the proper money management skills, the best players in the world would go broke. For all you skim-readers, here are the basic rules of bankroll management for Texas Hold'em.

20 buy-ins for NL Hold'em.
300 big blinds for Limit Hold'em.
40 buy-ins for SnG Tournaments.