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The Size of Bets In No Limit Poker


The size of bets is one of the main concerns of beginner poker players when they strat grasping the game.

Making the right sized bets during the different stages of a poker hand is essential because otherwise your game will have a big leak.

Making the right size bets helps you maximize your wins and minimize your losses and it also allows you to take control of the game. This is because you’ll be able to manipulate your opponents game by giving them the incorrect odds to call when they are having a drawing hand, for example.

Fold Equity

Fold Equity

Fold equity is a strategy that makes semi-bluffs lucrative. It's very simple but you need to know what poker equity is, so if you don't know read the article about it first.

What does fold equity mean?

When you think your opponent might fold to your bet, then you gain additional equity, which is known as fold equity.

Whenever you play poker, there is always a chance that your opponent will fold and if this happens you win the whole pot, no matter how strong your hand is.

Poker Equity (Pot Equity)

Pot Equity

The odds of winning the pot, `Pot Equity´ or just `Poker Equity´, is a poker mathematical term which explains why you should bet or check in some situations.

What is equity in poker?

When we talk about equity we refer to the pot amount that `belongs´ to you depending on the odds you have of winning the hand in a particular time . Suppose there is a 60% chance for you to win, this means your equity in the hand is 60%.

Value Betting - How to Maximize Value

Cómo maximizar el valor de tu mano.jpg

If you have a winning hand you certainly want to extract as much money as possible from the other players. Your winrate will depend on the money you win from your opponents, the more money the higher the rate.

We talk about maximizing the value of your hand when we refer to the process of getting money from uour opponents. There are some simple steps that can help you with this.

Pot Odds

Saber utilizar las pot odds  o probabilidades del bote

To learn how to use pot odds is an incredibly useful weapon in your poker arsenal. To get the knowledge about this basic concept is fundamental to determine whether or not you will become into a winning or a losing poker player.

The aim of this guide is to explain who the pot odds work and how to incorporate them into your game in an effective way. It would not take you more than ten minutes to read this guide from start to end, which is quite good if we keep in mind that it could save you more money during the rest of your poker career.

Implied Odds

Implied Odds

When we talk about implied odds we are referring to the pot odds extension that will tell you if you should call or not when you are playing a drawing hand and you face a raise. In particular, implied odds of a poker hand let you know how much you can expect to win if you complete the draw.

Poker Mathematics


Poker is a skill game but also a game in which the ability to read situations and adversaries is needed to take advantage in each hand you play.

It is also a game of mathematics. That means that you should be able to calculate the odds of either you or your opponent winning the hand in any situation.

The articles in the following table are the most common uses of mathematics in poker: