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The strategy in Turbo Poker Tournaments

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The popularity of turbo poker tournaments increases every day at online poker rooms, which usually offer turbo, super turbo and sometimes also extreme turbo poker competitions.

These turbo Sit and Go tournaments are specially atractive for players who want fast entertainment at poker tables, because usually they don't last long.

Since these tournaments have a particualrly speedy blind structure, they are not easy to play and you need a strategy different to that you regularly use in Sit and Go tournaments.

The basic strategy in turbo poker tournaments

Due to the fast pace of turbo poker tournaments, you need a little more luck to win than in standard SnG tournaments. This happens because most of the time you'll be playing short stack poker in these kinds of tournaments and as a result you'll have just two options: fold or go all-in.

You'll have almost no chance to play post flop and after a few rounds the truth is that you will not play much poker after the flop because you'll go all-in. To sum up, a good strategy in turbo poker tournaments will consist on good starting hand selection and also choosing the right spots to move in. You may get frustrated because you'll be risking all your stack constantly, but that is how these poker hold'em games work and the way you have to play to win.

Before you can start wining money in these type of games, you'll have to play several times because you'll experience a lot of variance, which means you will not see the results right away. If you decide to play frequently in turbo tournaments, then you should be ready to face some big swings.

Real results will only come after you have played a good number of turbo poker tournaments.

The strategy in the early stage

  • Try not to get involved with worthless pots.
  • Back your strong hands up with your stack.
  • You'll come up with wild plays early in the game, don't be surprised.

Only in the early stage of the turbo tournaments you'll have the chance to play 'real poker' because the blinds will be small compared to the size of the stacks and they will remain this way during 2 or 3 levels. You'll be able to play without using drastic moves until the BB becomes approximately 1/10th the size of your initial stack.

During the early stages of turbo poker tournaments you should not try and steal blinds or win small pots because they'll have no influence on the result of the tournament. In case you have a strong hand, you should make a big raise and try to catch other player playing a weak ace and try to make them put as much money in the pot as possible, without any fancy play because it's no time for it.

These tournaments have a quick pace and this is why players are set in the gambling mode almost from the beginning. As a result, they will be eager to risk a great amount of their stack, no matter how small the blinds are. Consequently, every time you receive a hand you should think if it is worth backing up with your entire stack and if it is not, then you should fold.

Strategy during the middle stage

  • You may need to risk your whole stack in one hand, be ready to do this because there is not much room for movement.
  • Stick with strong hands and forget about getting tricky with bad hands.
  • You'll find that the stop and go play is really effective sometimes during this stage.

In this stage, as well as in any of the other stages of turbo tournaments, the selection of the starting hand is really important. You'll know when you are in the middle stage of the tournament because the general stack size of players will be between 7 and 12 blinds. This means that players can only raise twice before going all-in, there is not much room to play.

If you think about entering a pot, you should have the intention of playing your whole stack. From time to time, you'll find that a solid all-in when you are in late position can be a good plan, especially if you are running out of chips and the blinds are valuable enough to pick up. You should still stick to premium hands but widen your starting hand range up in late position.

If you start using the stop and go play at this stage it will increase your odds of winning a hand, but you should be ready to go all-in and know that it will not necessarily push the other player off the hand. It could be a good idea to call a raise, pushing it in on the flop because when you reraise all-in preflop your opponent will usually get the right odds to call.

Strategy in the late stage

  • You should play in an aggressive way and don't be scared of bullying opponents.
  • Make the most of the opponents who tighten up.
  • Many times you'll miss out on the money, but don't let it affect you. Shoot for 1st.

When you reach the point in which you have 6 blinds or less, you'll just fold or go all-in. At this point, there won't be many players left in the tournament, which means you should push with a broader range of starting hands.

The bubble shouldn't prevent you from going all-in because you'll be able to cash in on the poker Texas hold'em players who will fold several times with good hands in order to try to get their hands in the money. Instead of playing in a safe way in order to win some money, you should play to win the tournament.

If you show that you are not afraid of the bubble, you'll have the chance to win several pots and gain a good position to win the poker tournament. Sometimes being so aggressive will force you to miss on the money but at the same time, there will be occasions in which you'll win enough money to win the tournament.

If you want to learn more about difficult all-in decisions, read about how to use the independent chip model equity strategy.

If you want to take advantage of turbo poker tournaments, you need to overcome the fear and frustration that comes with risking your money constantly and you'll have the chance to make optimal plays.

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