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Amateur poker players tend to greatly underestimate table position. However, your poker table position can allow you to win or cause you to lose your hand and it also can influence the amount of money you win during your poker sessions.

Before you decide to play a poker Texas Hold’em hand you should be familiar with your position in the table in relation to the button.

Early positions or EP are the seats nearest to the left of the button.

Late position or LP are the seats nearest to the right of the button.

Middle position or MP are the seats in between these.

Poker Table Position

Early position

These are the red seats and they are the less favorable seats at the table since you’ll probably be the first to act on any given round in the current hand. As a result, when you are in an early position you should select the hands you play more carefully, as you will not have much information about the other players. Remember to play your cards and not the man when you are in early position.

Middle position

When you are in the blue seats, you’ll have a positional advantage over the red seats. However, the green seats have position over you, which means there are not so many people who acts after you and this allows you to play a few more hands. In case all the opponents in the red seats fold, you’ll be the first to act in each round, which is something you should take into account when you decide if you want to play your hand or not.

Late position

In this particular hand, green seats will offer more privileges than any other seat in the table. You’ll have great chances of being one of the last or the last player to act on each round. This will allow you to loosen up your starting hands, but don’t take it too far because it could hold your game back. Having a good position does not mean that you have to play all bad staring hands.

The button

The yellow seat is the most profitable one in the hand since you’ll be the last to act in every round except for before the flop. This is the reason why you should try to play as many poker hands as you can from the button, because it gives you a great advantage.

How to use table position in poker

When you have a position over another player, you act after them on each betting round.

As a result, you have the opportunity of using the information you collect from the way in which they check or the size of their bets and base your decision on it. Suppose you have position over one of your opponents and he decides to check, this could mean he is a weak player. You can use the information and bet out to win the pot because they seem to be weak.

An example of poker table position

Suppose you have a mediocre hand in poker hold’em and there are a number of players in the pot.

If before you get to act you see a lot of betting and raising, you’ll know that you don’t have such a strong hand and the best is for you to fold and avoid losing chips.

Alternatively, if you had been in early position you’d probably had bet to later find that you did not have such a good hand and that your opponents have stronger hands and you’ll face re-raising and have to fold. As a result, you would have lost some chips because you did not have enough information on your opponents.

The later you get to act in a poker hand, the more information you’ll collect about the other players.

The cut off

The 'cut-off' is the name of the position that comes just before the button. This is considered to be the second best position in a hold'em game since in case the button does not play, then you get to be the last to act on each hand. Stealing the blinds is easier from the button and cut-off positions since there are less players to act behind you, and as a results there are less chances that they are holding a hand that is good enough to call a raise with.

Poker table position evaluation

Amateur players usually underestimate the role that table position plays in poker hands. In fact, hands are lost and won sometimes just based on table position, no matter how strong your cards or the other players’ hands are.

Start paying attention to your position in the table and you’ll start winning money.

It’s useful for you to learn about starting hand selection because it will show you how to stick only to strong hands from early position because you’ll be at a disadvantage as you’ll have to act first in the rounds. You should also read the article about relative position in Texas Hold’em to learn more advanced position strategy. Just make sure to understand the importance of basic position before you read further.

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