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One of the best parts of poker Texas Hold'em is getting pocket aces, which are also known as 'the bullets'. This is the best starting hand in the Hold'em variant and sometimes this leads people to making mistakes.

Although they are great, pocket aces are not invincible and if you are not careful you can lose a big pot. The following is a guide that will teach you how to play pocket aces in a profitable way.

Always try to bet or raise with pocket aces

First of all you need to know that pocket aces are not the kind of hand you should play against several opponents but heads up on the flop. You should try not to 'limp in' in early position because it's a hazardous approach. In case you limp, you take the risk of playing against several opponents on the flop, which means you'll have to be ready to fold if you face any significant amount of action, except if you hit your set.

When you get pocket aces, you always should try to raise instead of limping because you want to avoid facing several opponents on the flop.

Besides, when you limp in it could happen that another player decides to raise on you. Most players in this situation would re-raise, which is the worst you can do because this will alarm your opponent. After all, what cards do you have if you limp and then re-raise?

Most of the time, a player who makes such a move has an optimal starting hand. When you get pocket aces you should raise as a rule to let the other players know that your hand is good but not how good. It is also helpful to define your opponents poker hands in case they call.

The strategy with post-flop pocket aces

The only way in which you can get more money into the pot while on the flop is by betting and raising. However, when you are heads up with an opponent and they play aggressively when in first position, the best is to check and induce a bluff.

With pocket aces you'll win more money by betting than by playing slow. The best is to continue betting and raising so you can build the pot as much as possible.

When the board is coordinated and the other player is drawing to a straight or a flush, you should never slowplay because your goal is to make your opponent pay and also give them the incorrect pot odds.

(Note: if you are playing in an online poker room, try to wait a few minutes between betting into the pot on the flop. If you raise pre-flop and immediately make a large bet into the pot, you'll let the other players know you have the over-pair.)

How to play pocket aces

  • Avoid slowplaying.
  • Don't get too involved with your hand.
  • It's better to face fewer opponents.
  • Pocket Aces are great but not indestructible.

Remember that you should never slowplay when you have pocket aces. This usually happens to amateur poker hold'em players because the best starting hand, but this only true before the flop. After the flop it's completely different because if don't get the set, you are just left with a pair.

You should always try to figure out what kind of hand your opponent has that could beat yours. If you slowplay, you have to wonder whether your opponent will call a big bet or go all-in with ace high or a pair, since those are the only hands that you will be beating when the game ends. In case your opponent calls, you should kiss your stack goodbye because few players will decide to call holding less than two-pair.

Evaluation of the pocket aces strategy

Never slow play aces. The best would be to go all-in on the flop, but this rarely happens, particularly in cash games. The next best option is to try and minimize the number of opponents and getting them to put money into the pot by betting and also raising.

Remember that in case you deal with a lot of action you should say goodbye to your pocket aces because they only are a pair. Great poker players know when to let go of strong hands.

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