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Jugar online en múltiples mesas

Unlike live poker, online poker allows you to play at multiple tables at a time. In many online poker rooms you get the chance to open several table windows and play poker simultaneously.

In some rooms you'll even be able to use the mini-mode view that allows you to get the table window smaller and see four different poker tables in one screen without overlap.

Multi-tabling is more and more popular every day and players play at 2, 4, 8 or more tables at the same time. However, most players just keep it under 2 or 4 tables at the same time.

The main advantage of playing at multiple tables

The main reason why player choose to play multi-tabling is that they want to increase their win rate per hour. It's pure logic because if you constantly win at the $100NL table, it's obvious that you could potentially win more per hour if you play in two tables. What about the idea of playing in three or four tables at the same time?

Apparently it is quite simple, you just have to open up more poker hold'em tables and you'll have the chance to double, triple or even quadruple your winning rate per hour. However, you should take into account an important factor: your game will be affected per each extra table you play at.

Winning more money by playing multiple tables

When you multi-table your attention is divided between two or more tables and as a result the amount you can potentially win per hour in each table will decrease. If you were playing in just one poker table, you'll be able to focus on that table only.

Since you'll be too busy playing in one table, you won't have time to analyze how your opponents play in another and as a result it will be more difficult for you to put players on hands. However, you can still make a larger profit per hour when you multi-table, for example:

  • If you play $100NL 1 table at a time you win $8 per hour.
  • If you play 2 tables at the same time you win $5 an hour on each table.
  • 2 poker tables total profit = $10.

On the whole, you'll be winning $10 per hour in two tables instead of $8 and as a result you'll make an extra profit of $2 per hour.

Searching for the optimal number of tables to play at

One of the main important factors to increase profits with multi-tabling is finding the most favorable number of poker tables to play at. When you play in only one table your profits may be smaller than when you play poker Texas Hold'em in multiple tables but if you play in too many tables at once, your win rate per hour could decrease so much that you could end winning less than if you played in only one table.

You need to find the middle ground in which your win rate per table meets the number of tables you are playing at to get the optimal win rate. For most online poker player, this number lands between two and four tables.

When you choose to play at multiple tables, the ideal is that you play as many tables as possible and at the same time keep a good win rate per hour.

The best multi-tabling strategy

If you want to win while multi-tabling the best strategy is to play standard poker, that is to bet when you have a strong hand and fold when you get a weak hand. When you multi-table, the truth is you don't have much time to make tricky plays.

Trying to figure out the playing style of each player at each table will wear you out and you'll game will be affected.

See your opponents as robots and play a solid game against them because you won't be able to be better than all of them all the time. However, if you manage to play better than most of them you'll win in the long run.

Improving your game playing at multiple tables

Many players multi-table because they feel bored when they have to wait between hands. Players get used to the fast Internet poker style and they feel frustrated when they have to wait to be part of a hand.

Multi-tabling is perfect who always want to be in the middle of the action because when you play at multiple tables there is not much waiting in the game.

Out of frustration players sometimes loosen their staring hand requirements, which is not a beneficial way to play poker. This means that sometimes it can be profitable to multi-table in order to avoid entering pots and losing money with hands you should have folded.

Multi tabling evaluation

If you want to increase your win rate per hour or brighten things up in poker, then multi-tabling can be a good option. It is not as difficult as you may think and it does not require a special skill, however, you should start by playing only two tables at once and gradually increase the number of table until you find the optimum number.

Keep the tables as visible on the screen as possible to be able to glance over all of them and keep track of the action. Practice and you'll soon be able to get more from your poker game.

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